Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”
— 2 Corinthians 9:6

The members of Maple Sheyenne Lutheran Church established the Endowment Fund on May 31, 2007. The purpose of the Fund is to receive gifts and bequests in order to use them to further the growth of Maple Sheyenne Lutheran Church and its mission and ministry at Maple Sheyenne, in the community and beyond.

A planned gift to the Maple Sheyenne Lutheran Church Endowment Fund can help assure that the church and its ministries remain as strong in the future as they are today, so a gift to the Endowment Fund is a gift that keeps on giving.

How Will the Assets of the Fund be Used?
Funds contributed to the Endowment Fund are invested and the income earned by these investments will be used to sustain and strengthen various ministries of the church into the future. The principal remains invested in perpetuity.

Who Decides How the Money will be Spent?
Short answer — you! Maple Sheyenne has established an Endowment Fund Committee, whose members are elected by the Maple Sheyenne Church body. The members include three at large members, the Council Stewardship Chair as well as the pastor. This committee is responsible tracking gifts to the fund, overall growth and health of the fund as well as soliciting Endowment Grant applications and voting on grant recipients from the fund.

How Can I Make a Gift?
You can make a gift in any size in a variety of ways, including:

  • To honor or memorialize someone through a gift of cash
  • Through gifts of real estate or personal property
  • Through investments, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds
  • By naming the Fund as the owner or beneficiary of an insurance policy
  • By including the Fund in your will or living trust
  • Through estate planning, utilizing a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust
  • By leaving retirement plan assets (IRAs, 401Ks, etc.) or annuities to the Fund through beneficiary designation

How Do I Benefit?
Your gift will give you joy as you provide for the future ministry and outreach of Maple Sheyenne Lutheran Church. Additionally, there may be specific financial benefits, including:

  • An immediate charitable income tax deduction may be claimed
  • Certain gifts may create fixed or variable rates of income
  • Capital gains tax may be totally or partially avoided with certain types of gifts
  • Estate taxes may be reduced
  • One or more individual beneficiaries may receive a life income from your gift

How Can I Find Out More about The Endowment Fund?
Please contact any member of the Endowment Fund Committee or Pastor to find out more information.   Always remember — Your gift to the Maple Sheyenne Lutheran Church Endowment Fund is a gift that keeps on giving! The endowment team’s email address is endowments@maplesheyenne.com.

Want to give right now?
Consider committing to an immediate gift of any amount to the fund at any time by marking your check’s memo with Endowment Fund and sending to the church office or by putting it in the offering plate on Sunday.

Endowment Fund Committee Members

Barry N.
Pastor Diane Krumm